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Signing of the IFA Supplier Contract

IFA’s Supplier Contract, that rules the business relations, is the prerequisite to receiving Pharmazentralnummer (PZN) and for the publication of product data.

How to become an IFA customer. Select the step-by-step intructions that apply to you anduse them to effortlessly compile the necessary documents for concluding the contract.

  • Instructions for suppliers of medicinal products
  • Instructions for suppliers of medical devices and other pharmacy-typical products
Via postal mail:

Please send the IFA Supplier Contract IFA-Anbietervertrag via postal mail in double with your legally binding signature and date to:

Informationsstelle für Arzneispezialitäten – IFA GmbH
Hamburger Allee 26 – 28
60486 Frankfurt am Main

English translation of IFA Supplier Contract: Please note, this is non-binding English convenience translation of the German IFA Contract. Only the German version is authentic and will be accepted by the IFA GmbH.

By email:

Please send - parallel to sending the contract by post - the following documents by e-mail to

After your company’s successful legitimisation, you will receive a confirmation letter containing your IFA Customer ID and the IFA-Anbieter-Nummer (Adress-Nr.) which is used in relation to verification of medicinal products as so-called MAH-ID.


Order Documents

If you already wish to notify orders for PZN (publication or pre-allocation), you may include those documents Auftragsunterlagen in the above mentioned email to – please include a note stating that you have sent the contract to our address in Frankfurt.


Issuing Pharmazentralnummern (PZN)

Our Guidelines for the pre-allocation of PZNs gives detailed information in German on when a PZN may be assigned to a product, a PZN be pre-allocated and its data published in the IFA Database. 

IFA-Forms / IFA-Files for Order Notification


Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ consist of recurring questions to IFA GmbH. To the frequently asked questions

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