IFA for Suppliers

Are you looking for information on how to have your product data included in the IFA information services or for the assignment of a Pharmazentralnummer (PZN)? Or are your products already listed in the IFA database? Please choose among the following topics:

Notification order documents

Here you can find the current order files and forms to have your product included in the IFA database.

Request for EAD, article and address data

You require the latest listing of your products from the IFA database? You can quickly and easily request an file.

IFA guidelines

Our guidelines inform you about the conditions for the placement of orders. You will also receive information on each data field of the IFA database.

IFA information on PZN

Learn all the essential information about the Pharmazentralnummer (PZN). Here you can find general information on characteristics and structure of PZN as well as access additional interesting topics.

IFA publication calendar

The overview of the publication deadlines is showing you the particular deadlines for first publications and registration for product changes.

IFA price list

Here you will find the current prices for entering and maintaining your data in the IFA database.

Information on legal provisions

The guideline and the associated diagram inform you about the criteria for obligatory discount known as the generic discount according to §130a (3b) of the Fifth Book of the German Social Code (SGB V).

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ consist of recurring questions to IFA GmbH. To the frequently asked questions

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