IFA Coding System

In order to facilitate automatic identification and further processing for inventory management and logistics and for their further processing, the IFA provides the necessary data elements together with coding specifications. Click here to download the latest specifications.

Coding of the PZN in Code 39 form

The encoding of the PZN in Code 39 form is mandatory for the product marking and identification of all retail packs of medicines and their machine readability. more

Data Matrix Code for retail packs

With the PPN code, commerce has all necessary information, such as PZN, expiration date, batch number and serial number in a compact, machine-readable Data Matrix Code. more

Codes for transport logistics

The IFA provides its customers with all the necessary elements for clear and standardized marking of shipping units. more

From the PZN to the PPN

For verification in terms of the EU directives, a unique European product number is required. To meet this requirement, the Pharmacy Product Number (PPN) was created. more

Global use of the PPN

With the licence-free Pharmacy Product Number (PPN) any national product number is trans- formed into a globally unique product number. more

Counterfeiting Protection

The PPN code meets the required properties as set out in the EU Directive for a security feature to validate the authenticity (verification) of medicines. more

IFA Codingsystem
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