HPC Generator

IFA Check Digit Generator for HPC

With the Health Product Code (HPC) the IFA Coding System also includes item numbers that are assigned directly by the manufacturer. A description is provided in the Technical Specification of PPN, Chapter 6.2.

Here you can find Technical Information on PZN Coding -Check Digit Calculations-.

To generate the 2-digit Check Digit for the HPC, please fill in the respective fields and click on the button to create HPC. The 2-digit PRA Code 13 is automatically prefixed.

Please enter the 5-digit IFA Supplier Number.
Please enter a Supplier Part Number to a maximum of 13 digits (0-9, A-Z).


Multiple answers to your questions about Unique Device Identification (UDI) and the use of the PPN as UDI-DI, can be found in the lower part of the FAQ

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