IFA Guidelines

You can find the terms & conditions along with explanations to the different types of orders in our guidelines. Please note: All IFA guidelines are only available in German.

Guidelines for the pre-allocation of PZNs
Requirements for registered products and their suppliers; rules for the PZN pre-allocation.
Richtlinien zur Meldung von Artikel- und Adressdaten
Detailed information on publishing product and address data including notification variants: attributes in IFA’s Database, order files for first publications, forms and EAD files.
Richtlinien bei Neuaufnahmen von Arzneimitteln
Method, background information and exceptions for new entries of medicinal products which require either authorization or registration.
Richtlinien zu Artikelstatus und Statuswechsel
What are the guidelines for products which are discontinued, withdrawn from the market, non-marketable and deleted articles.
Richtlinien zu IFA-Darreichungsformen
Explanation of abbreviations for pharmaceutical forms of medicinal products.



IFA Codingsystem
Informationsstelle für Arzneispezialitäten – IFA GmbH