IFA Price List

From the price list for the services of IFA GmbH for suppliers, you can gather the prices for addition and maintenance of products from the IFA database as well as for publication of products and address/contact data.

When notifying a complete order for first publications/product changes by early deadline, prices for first publications are reduced from 6.00 Euro to 5.00 Euro and for changes of a PZN’s product data from 3.00 Euro to 2.50 Euro (cf. IFA Publication Calendar).

  • Annual fee per annum
    50.00 Euro
    This standing fee applies to the current calendar year and will be invoiced at the end
    of the first quarter. The full amount of the fee is payable even for conclusion during
    the course of a year.
  • Pre-Allocation per PZN
    3.00 Euro
    If you need the PZN prior to the product´s lunch (for your catalogue or to print onto the pack),
    you may pre-allocate a PZN for your products beforehand.
  • First Publication per PZN
    6.00 Euro
    Your product´s data will be published for the first time into the IFA Information Services
    (time of product lunch).
  • Changes of already published Products per PZN
    3.00 Euro
    Already published product data can be changed/more information can be added. If you
    wish to change more than one attribute (i.e. prices and discontinuation) of one PZN
    within the same order, the price will only be charged once per PZN.
  • Review according to § 7 Abs. 2 Satz 2 of the supplier contract per PZN
    100.00 Euro
    Exceptions to this are simple queries to the supplier.
  • Conform PZN Deletions including its Product Data
    Conform PZN Deletions including its Product Data 
  • Corrective PZN Deletions including its Product Data
    1000.00 Euro
    Corrective deletion of publiactions in violation of the supplier contract.
  • First Publication, Changes, Additions to Address Data

IFA Price List

Non-binding English convenience translation of the German IFA Price List.
Only the German version is authentic.

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