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Conclussion of IFA Supplier Contract

The prerequisite for the allocation and publication of Pharmazentralnummern (PZN Central Pharmaceutical Number) with product data in the IFA information services is the conclusion of the IFA supplier contract, which governs the business relation.

Information prior to contract conclusion

Please read the linked documents carefully before concluding the IFA Supplier Contract. By concluding the IFA Supplier Contract the supplier accepts the following IFA Guidelines, the IFA Pricelist and additional information as binding regulations for the notification of product and address data.

Contract Documents

How to become a customer of IFA GmbH – select the step-by-step guide that applies to you and use it to effortlessly gather the necessary documents for concluding the contract:

Please send the following documents by e-mail to

Please be advised that the consignation of the contract does not include an automated allocation of a Pharmazentralnummer (PZN).

For ordering and publishing a PZN you will need additional notification order documents. You may send the documents duly completed as well as the product information mandatory for (first) publication together with the documents mandatory for concluding the IFA Supplier Contract in one email.

The mandatory notification order documents you will find here.

If you have any questions, we are glad to help you:

Mr Benjamin Böttinger
Phone +49 69 979919-49

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