Company Profile

What is the purpose of IFA GmbH?

IFA GmbH is an information service provider for the German pharmaceutical market and a common clearing house for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacists in Germany.

Our Tasks

We gather and maintain economic, legal and logistic data about medicinal products and  pharmacy typical products in the IFA database.

Suppliers (manufacturers, distributors and importers) are assigned a unique number for each of their products - the so-called PZN - which is the identification code used in many vital functions from merchandise management and logistics to reimbursement with the German health insurance funds.

We provide trading companies, other healthcare organizations and institutions with the PZN and related product data.

In addition to the existing tasks, the IFA GmbH manages the Pharmacy Product Number (PPN). With the PPN, any National Product Number is globally unique.

As Issuing Agency, IFA GmbH is also responsible for the allocation and registration of the PPN. For the purpose of coding retail packages and shipping units, IFA GmbH provides all necessary specifications.

IFA Codingsystem
Informationsstelle für Arzneispezialitäten – IFA GmbH