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EAD Files and Product Range Files

Upon successful order, you will receive your EAD / product range file in a generated e-mail. Depending on the amount of your data, generating the file may take some time.

An EAD file contains data of your products in the status im Vertrieb (IV – active) and außer Vertrieb (AV – discontinued). You may notify all changes / alterations of changeable attributes with this EAD file. Please return the updated file to exclusively.


 You will only be charged once per PZN when updating more than one attribute in a single order file.

The Product Range Files are used for viewing or internal processing. The following contents are possible:

  • PZN pre-allocation: Basic data of pre-allocated, not yet published pharmaceutical central numbers (ZU).
  • EAD basic data: Basic data of products that are in distribution (IV) or out of distribution (AV).
  • EAD complete: All data of products that are in distribution (IV) or out of distribution (AV) or are non-marketable (NV).

Further information on all attributes and on working with EAD files can be found in the guidelines (in German only) Richtlinien zur Meldung von Artikel- und Adressdaten

Notification Order Documents

Please use always current excel order files and PDF forms from the page notification order documents for submitting orders to IFA.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ consist of recurring questions to IFA GmbH. To the frequently asked questions

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