IFA Database

How are products added to the IFA database?

PZN Pre-allocation
The provider requests the pre-allocation of a PZN for his product. This can only occur in advance of a first publication but is not mandatory. The IFA GmbH pre-allocates a PZN to the new product and notifies the applicant. The PZN can thus be used for the production of bar codes, for printing on (secondary) packaging as well as in the creation of price lists.

PZN First Publication
A provider intending to offer a new product and include the product details into the IFA information services contacts the IFA GmbH.

Product Changes
Possible changes of the supplier include price changes, changes in the storage and packing information and legal information. For sales information, e.g, the discontinued message is an example of possible data adjustment. Furthermore, normal product deletion or a change of supplier/provider of product range count as changes.

Examination of criteria
The IFA GmbH checks whether the product meets the guidelines for the allocation of PZN. Cases of doubt and questions that require special pharmaceutical expertise are presented to the ABDATA pharmaceutical data assessment services. If this information is not sufficient, the supplier will be asked to further justifiy or to give the opinion and decision of its relevant surveillance authority.

With a view to the fulfillment of legal obligations in particular the following requirements are taken into account:

  • German Medicinal Products Act (AMG)
  • German Social Code Book Five (SGB V)
  • Medicinal Product Price Regulation (AMPreisV) in the appropriate version
  • Pharmacy Operations Ordinance (ApBetrO)
  • Medical Device Act (MPG)
  • German Food and Feed Act (LFGB)
  • Regulation on Food Supplements (NemV)
  • Regulation on Dietary Foods (DiätV)
  • Packing size regulation (PackungsV)

Publication of product data in the IFA database
If the product data including a written product description have been submitted completely to the IFA GmbH, they will be published on the chosen publication date into the IFA database. Also, orders are accepted and processed to change data for products that are already stored in the database.

Order confirmation
When all data have been processed (pre-allocated PZN, PZN first publication or product change orders), an order confirmation is sent to the supplier with a request for verification of the information given in the confirmation.

How is the product data transferred to the data users?

Transfer of IFA information services to the data recipients
After the regular data collection period, the IFA GmbH transmits the data about new products and modified data records to the various recipients in IFA information services raw data form.

Processing, copying and forwarding
The data can be technically processed by the data recipients, added to, selected and adapted to technical conditions. Substantive changes may however not be made.

Erstellung der IFA-Informationsdienste
Generation of IFA Information Services

IFA Codingsystem
Informationsstelle für Arzneispezialitäten – IFA GmbH