Change and deletion of product data

You can use the following notification order documents to order product changes and deletions to product and address data that has been published already:

  • Change and addition of product data:
    IFA portal or
    Request a current EAD file or IFA-Auftragstabelle C – Product Changes
    Changes to product-identifying characteristics (product name, packaging size, pharmaceutical form, information medicinal product, product type) are excluded and require the assignment of a new PZN.

  • PZN transfer to another supplier:
    With the PZN transfer, the notification rights of affected PZNs change from the former to the future supplier.
    As a prerequisite the future supplier has to be a customer of IFA GmbH.
    Both marketed and marketing ceased Products/PZNs as well as pre-allocated PZNs that have not yet been published may be transferred.
    For the order, both the former and the future supplier must enclose a declaration of consent addressed to IFA GmbH, stating the PZNs concerned (otherwise: "entire product range").
    The PZN transfer can be notified in the IFA portal or with the IFA-Auftragstabelle C – Product Changes.
    The costs for the transfer of already published products have to be settled by the future supplier, the transfer of assigned PZNs is free of charge.

  • Deletion of products/PZN: IFA-Auftragstabelle C – Product Changes
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