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Data Recipients

Which information is provided from the IFA information services?
We maintain additional information for each PZN. A broad overview is offered in form B1 (medicinal products), B3 (medical devices) and B2 (other items). If you need further information, send an email to IFA GmbH.
Which data format does IFA GmbH use to supply data?
You receive the data in ASCII-Format.
Can the IFA data be processed directly?
No, IFA supplies raw data.  They must first be processed using software programming.
Do the IFA data contain information about ingredients and use?
No, this information is contained within the ABDATA data.
How is the data subscription cost calculated?
If and under what conditions the data delivery is available depends on the business type and the nature of the intended data use.
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IFA Codingsystem
Informationsstelle für Arzneispezialitäten – IFA GmbH