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Product Identifying Characteristics

Can changes in product identifying characteristics be made?
Changes in product identifying characteristics such as shortened product name, package size, pharmaceutical form, attribute "medicinal product" and product type are not possible whilst retaining the PZN. As a product is uniquely identified for market participants with the PZN, it must be ensured that the product identifying characteristics remain unchanged.
Why do I have to submit a first publication when I only wish to change the name, package size, pharmaceutical form, attribute?
These changes will result in the so-called product identifying characteristics being changed which make the allocation of a new PZN necessary (you can find further information on this topic in the IFA guideline with requirements for registered products and their suppliers and rules for the PZN pre-allocation - Richtlinien für die Zuteilung von Pharmazentralnummern - available only in German).

Due to the vital role of a PZN in the IFA information services, you must provide the IFA GmbH with all necessary information for a first publication of a PZN in the IFA database. From the IFA information services’ point of view, a product with a new PZN is to be taken as a new entry regardless of whether it existed before or not.
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