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Information on Order Notifications and IFA Forms

Under which conditions can a PZN application be made?
To apply for a PZN, there must be a valid contract with IFA GmbH and a customer ID. New customers can send form B1 or B2 for the first publication together with their contract!
Why do I have to include so much information when I only wish to receive a PZN for my product?
The PZN is not just an order number and is not just meant for generating a barcode. Trading companies and other users of the IFA information services do not only wish to know what particular product is meant with a PZN but also whether a prescription is needed or not, whether it must be refrigerated, whether it can be bought through the pharmaceutical wholesalers, etc. The IFA GmbH is responsible for collecting and distributing these data in a structured way; the supplier is responsible for providing them.
Can a supplier choose a PZN?
No, the PZN is generated automatically.
Does the IFA Database contain product photos?
No. If you need to publish photos for your products, please contact your software provider.
When do I need a cover sheet?
Please use a cover sheet when submitting an order via fax or postal mail to IFA GmbH. In all other cases the cover sheet may be omitted; we use your contact data from the email’s signature.
May I hand in 'Zulassungs-/Registrierungsunterlagen' late?
For publications of medicinal products obliged to marketing authorisation, you have to meet the regular deadline for first publications.

If necessary, marketing authorisations may be handed in by the deadline for product changes.

Publication into the IFA database can only be done if the supplier hands in all necessary documents.
Is it possible to reactivate a deleted PZN?
No, a deleted PZN cannot be reactivated.
By which date is a cancellation with the IFA GmbH possible?
The contract with the IFA GmbH can be terminated in written form with a notice period of three months to the end of the calendar year.
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