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Data maintained in our database are economic, legal and logistic data for medicinal products and products typically sold in pharmacies.

The IFA GmbH can only supply the data in raw form. Software for processing or examination of the data is not provided.

Attached is a German information sheet with an overview of the IFA information services as well as detailed descriptions of the data, its processing and interpretation.

If and under what terms data can be made available to interested party is dependent on the pursued business activity and the intended data use.

Please submit us the necessary information using the questionnaire below and include detailed information about your business as well as a commercial register excerpt for the company.

From wholesalers we furthermore need a copy of the wholesale license.


IFA-Infodienste – Überblick
IFA Information Service  - Overview

Verfahren zur maschinellen Verarbeitung
Method of Automatically Processed Data

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