IFA Information Services via FTP

IFA GmbH offers to receive the Information Services via FTP to its data recipients. Data recipients who are interested can find further information on how to install FTP delivery here.

Operating the FTP Server

IFA GmbH does not operate an FTP server to download data but supplies its Information Services to the recipient’s server.

Login Data

To transfer data, the operator must submit the FTP server login data to IFA GmbH:

  • Server name or IP address
  • Protocol (recommended: sftp) and possibly port
  • User name
  • Password or authentication key
  • Folder name in which the data shall be delivered

IFA’s IT sets up the access internally and performs tests.

Files supplied

An Information Service consists of several files named liefd001.ild to liefd009.ild. Moreover, a delivery information is provided named liefer.ili. Upon request however, it can be supplied compressed as archiv001.zip.

Further information on the files can be found in Verfahrensbeschreibung zu den IFA-Informationsdiensten.

Directory Structure

To avoid conflict with file names from different deliveries, a sub directory will be created for every delivery. The sub directory has a delivery ID Liefer-ID 1000nnnnnnn-nnnnnn-nn-yyyymmdd. IFA GmbH submits all files into the directory.

If you do not wish to follow this approach, the files can be submitted directly into the directory stated in the login data. In this case, simultaneous deliveries can cause error in the file names. Thus, the recipient ought to delete the files from the directory prior to the next delivery.


IFA GmbH submits all files of a delivery after one another on the agreed date of delivery into the directory on the recipient’s FTP server. The file liefer.ili can be seen as complete delivery – it is always submitted at the end.

IFA’s delivery mechanism will check the files’ size upon completion of the data transfer. Thus the files may not be processed by the recipient before the end of the checking process. The files should remain in the directory for some seconds.

If the mechanism detects an error, the delivery will be repeated after a few moments of waiting.


In case the recipient wishes to verify IFA GmbH’s IP address, the usual connection will be made from the IP address:

If there is a fault, IFA GmbH may use the alternative route via IP address


IFA’s IT will test the connection in agreement with the operator or recipient.

Productive Operation

If the connection is verified to be made correctly, the next data delivery on the deliverydate can be processed with this delivery method upon request. IFA’s Customer Service team will contact the data recipients in order to change the method.

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